We love bringing people together to share our passion and floral knowledge in an inspiring pastoral creative environment. Our delightful, engaging ongoing and seasonal happenings connect you with your creativity and others. Within a class you can expect to learn a bit about horticulture, a little bit about style, and a lot about flowers in general – all in a studio environment like you’ve never experienced. Look for dates for available classes to sign up now or send us a message if you have an idea for a class you’d like to take at the studio or want to host would like to host a class as an event.

Our most popular classes are listed below, and can be selected for our private events and team building experiences.

by request

The following classes are available by request to book by your group of 5 or more.

Bouts and Boutonnières

A part of the aspiring designer series but broken out for participants who want to tackle formals and proms for your darlings, all by yourself. This class is often offered in conjunction with our more varied botanical couture class.

Holiday Wreath

A holiday tradition at the studio, we provide all you need to make a 10, 12, 14 or 16 inch live wreath. Come dressed for the weather and for lots of good cheer. Appropriate for all skill levels. 

Branching Out

Lowering branches is a long-lasting way to create height and drama in arrangements, especially in the spring. Learn how to identify blooming branches, force branches to bloom, and use them solo or mixed. This is a fun class for grabbing a group for a girls night!

Bridal Workshop and Luncheon

A unique way for a bride to have a hands on approach without the stress of DIY and a truly memorable experience for bridal parties and guests. Participants will create their own bouquet with guidance from West Queen Studio staff, and then celebrate with a catered lunch on the patio. After lunch, the bride and I will design her bouquet.

From Farmers Market to Fabulous

This class is similar to our popular Grocery Store to Glamorous but a bit more free form. We’ll order flowers from a local farm or CSA and create the design as a group based on what’s delivered. Liken it to “Iron Florist”… we talk through vase selection and creative greenery options while Morgan designs in real-time. This class is seasonal, and price depends on the grower’s availability and the participants’ vase choice.

Grocery Store to Glamorous

There are plenty of great blooms at local retailers such as Trader Joe’s, and often, folks get them home and are not quite sure what to do with them. We will explore the basics of floral design, how to select flowers, and maintain their freshness. Each participant will go home with not only great knowledge but also the design that they’ve made – vase and all.

Totally Tubular Tulips

Spring brings lots of fun blooms, but bulb-based flowers are often hard to arrange. Fun fact: tulips keep growing after they are cut! Arrangements using glass test tubes allow for stem support and the replacement of quick dying stems. This class will change your view of spring arranging. Participants can select the size and number of their container and test tubes and will head home with an arrangement of replaceable parts for a season’s worth of blooms.

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classes start at $45

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