tips & faqs

Guidelines for Cut Flowers

Random thoughts of a blooming idiot…

Keep it Clean & Clear:

Always keep you vases, containers and clippers clean. The fastest way to kill a flower is bacteria.

Shake it Up:
When buying flowers from retail stores check for freshness of flowers before buying. The stems should be a solid color with no color gradation. Shake stems while checking them, if petals fall off then those flowers are past their prime. For flowers grown from bulbs look out for split and curling stems and flowers already in full bloom.
Bigger IS Better:
Recut flower stems before putting them in water. Cut stems at an angle leaving the largest possible exposed surface for drinking.
Feed the Need:

Flowers are like us chicks and they need their sugar. Make sure to add flower food to the water each time you change it. The old school 2 tablespoons of sprite and a drop of Clorox works in a pinch if you don’t have the real stuff. My favorite is Floralife Crystal Clear.

Immaturity is Good:
Just like with your kids, keep your flowers away from bad apples. Mature/Ripening fruit and cut fruit emit Ethylene gas, which causes your flowers to mature too quickly and lessens their vase time.
Change is Good:
Change the water in the vase often, especially I they are in the full sun. Pull out blooms that have died and rearrange leftovers in smaller vase.
Keep it Simple Sweetie:
When you are in a hurry or low on floral confidence try to limit colors and elements to under three. Too much to look at often complicates the arrangement. I prefer monochromatic because it hides my design flaws.
Become a Stripper:
Remove all the leaves that will be below the waterline. This will limit the potential decay in the water. Remove shedding stamen from flowers such as Amaryllis and Lilies before they mature. Use a tissue folded over the stamen to remove them without staining your hands or the petals
Be a Boarder:
Find your style by creating a Pinterest page and pinning your favorite flower arrangements. Keep a folder by your mags and tear out pages with arrangements or blooms you like. Eventually you will see a trend and you will know your style. It is much easier to design in your own style than someone else! It is also easier to start with an idea already on paper than start from scratch.
Martha is a FAKE:
Okay, not really, she actually is quite inspiring but she has a whole staff to create her “simple designs”. Don’t use that as a measure of your talent; use your own delight in what you create. It should be your only gauge.

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